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70+ Million Dollars in new streams of revenue for a Leading Energy Provider through IIoT

Softtek’s smart, 24/7 monitoring and diagnostic services help optimize power plant and equipment performance.

About the customer

World energy leader providing equipment, solutions, and services across the energy value chain.


Presence in 180+ countries.


Produce 33% of the world's energy.


Manages 30%+ of the world's energy.


Business challenges

The client operated with inadequate visibility of plant and equipment performance, resulting in maintenance only being carried out after a service disruption occurred. Unfortunately, the frequency of these disruptions began impacting customer satisfaction and market confidence in their services.


Necessary to increase equipment availability.


Frequent power generation outages affect thousands of users.


Desire to increase market confidence in their products.


Required complex data ingestion and processing capabilities, accounting for 1 million+ sensors that actively transmit 200 billion+ datapoints.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek collaborated with the client to generate real-time, asset-performance data and malfunction forecasts, enabling preemptive maintenance through 24/7 remote service support.

Developed infrastructure and a platform to enable data ingestion from 1 million+ sensors sending 200 billion+ data points directly.

Applied advanced analytics to generate daily, weekly, and monthly asset performance reports.

Developed forecasts to anticipate operation malfunctions or interruptions, avoiding expensive, reactive solutions.

Enabled real-time monitoring of operation conditions within power generating equipment and plants.

Provided world-wide, 24/7 service support for IT services and infrastructure.

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Business impact

With enhanced visibility and control over plant and equipment performance, the client was able minimize the frequency and impact of power outages, which increased market confidence and business opportunities.

Power Generation Continuity avoiding Outages.

Accomplish performance commitments.

Minimized unplanned downtime through Predicitve Maintenance.

Year over year savings to customers.

70+ Million Dollars in new streams of revenue.

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