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World’s Largest Brewing Company boosts performance and availability of their production environments

Softtek partners with the world’s largest brewing company to ensure business continuity of their core operations through the Intelligent IT Infrastructure Operations Service and improve both performance and availability of business-critical services

About the customer

World’s largest brewer company

Anual Sales US $55B

175,000+ Employees

Operation in ver 50 markets

500+ brands sold in more than 150 countries.


Business challenges

A global brewer sought to standardize IT Operations and drive continuous improvement across technologies.


Standardization of IT Operations to maintain business continuity.


Comprehensive IT services while providing continuous improvement across technologies .


Needed a partner to align with best of industry standards for optimal operational performance

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek engaged to maintain and improve the performance and availability of production environments with a vendor-agnostic approach by leveraging new technologies, methodologies, and tools.

Proactive responsive, and flexible support model by employing Automation First, Digitized Governance, and Operational Intelligence best practices.

Use of predictive analytics to identify potential problems and root cause resolution to avoid recurrence of issues

Reduction of reliance on manual labor improved quality, reduced errors and proactively triggered warnings based on data analysis.

Group 385

Business impact

Softtek stabilized the infrastructure ecosystem ensuring business continuity, while aligning with industry best practices.

Critical incidentreduction 15%, CMDB Cleansing,15% SLA Improvement

Stabilization of environments, reduction of down-time, and improvement of recovery time

Availability for critical systems of 99.5% and 98% for non-critical systems

Development and Implementation of Recovery Plans for Core IT infrastructure

Reduced IT operating and support costs by 45% in 3 years

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