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Lead conversion rate up 30% for a top US car manufacturer through CRM services and a custom sales platform

Softtek’s unique digital platform harmonizes customers’ changing expectations and dealership needs with the sales and marketing processes.

About the customer

Second-largest U.S.-based automobile manufacturer and the eleventh-ranked overall American-based company in the 2018 Fortune 500 list.

200,000+ Employees worldwide.

12 countries operations.

65 Plants Globally.

Platform used by 130 dealers


Thanks to Softtek’s successful implementation we surpassed our sales goal and increased lead conversion by 30%!


Business challenges

Our client required a standardized sales process within an environment that integrated CRM and digital advertising tools to gain visibility ofleads and oversight of customer experience.


Lead generation and CRM not integrated, heavily impacting lead conversion.


Digital sales processes were not standardized, resulting in inconsistent efforts.


Imperative to have an integrated experience across all digital contact points.


Aggressive goal of increasing lead conversion rate by 20%.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek integrated a digital support team, a new sales platform, and digital solution components to establish a high-performance digital sales process.

Implemented a specialized digital sales-enablement team to support customer-centric strategy development.

Developed a digital platform that reinvents the customer experience and enchances the sales process.

Integrated and orchestrated CRM digital advertising, website, social media & reputation management.

Supported roll-out to accelerate the adoption of the new digital sales process.

Group 385

Business impact

Through Softtek’s solutions the client adopted a standardized digital sales process that led to significant improvements in customer visibility, business opportunity generation, and lead conversion.

Lead conversion rate increased by 30% exceeding customer sales goal

30% increase in prospect appointments and 65% increase in showroom visits.

Full visibility of marketing campaigns achieved by monitoring and measuring results

Linked 100% of leads to digital campaigns through CRM

Standarized dealers' onboarding and training

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